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M16 (AR)

This popular American assault rifle arrived on the scene during Nam, to replace the venerable but obsolescent M14 battle rifle. Contrary to popular belief, the rifle was equipped to British Royal Marines before the Americans ever saw it. In essence the M16 is a small bore variant of the Armalite AR10, in 7.62mm which saw combat with Spanish forces. The M16 has unique bolt workings, with few moving parts making field stripping simple, however if not properly cleaned the weapon is prone to fouling and jams. It is of conventional design, with the mocking appearance of a toy. However the latest variants (M16A2/3) are reliable and accurate arms, the M16A3 having an optical scope. The small bore round is standard NATO use, and relies on velocity and fragmentation on impact for damage, it has little man-stopper characteristics but many rounds can be carried due to its small size and light weight.


Cartridge: 5.56x45mm
Weight: 3.85kg
Length: 1000mm
Trigger group: Semi - 3 round burst
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per min
Magazine: 20-30 round box
Effective range: 400m


The Austrian Steyr AUG is one of the best AR’s in service at present, and has been so since the late 70's when it was introduced. It was one of the first bullpup rifles, ie the mag is behind the pistol grip. This allows for both the barrel to be longer and the rifle to be shorter at the same time. Being shorter, the rifle is easy to operate and the long barrel leads to high velocity and accuracy of the 5.56x45mm round. As with all arms the rifle has its faults, but as Murphy's law has it, your rifle is always made by the lowest bidder. The arm has been adopted by more than 15 nations, and can even be transformed into a SMG in 10 mins via a new 32 round 9mm mag, new bolt and new barrel.


Cartridge: 5.56x45mm
Weight: 4.1kg
Length: 790mm
Trigger group: Semi - Full auto
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per min
Magazine: 20-30 round box
Effective range: 500m

G36 (AR)

>This assault rifle, is of conventional design layout but takes extensive use of hardened plastic in its manufacture, more so than most modern rifles making it a true modular weapon system. Made by H&K, it is their first weapon for some time which does not incorporate the roller locking principle, the rifle using a standard gas driven rotating bolt system. This is partly due to H&K’s roller locking weapons being too expensive and not selling well, likewise H&K’s new SMG does not use roller locking. The G36 is available in short, and in carbine versions, however due to their shortened barrels they have inferior performance to the full size rifle. The rifle is noted as being both very reliable and accurate.


Cartridge: 5.56x45mm
Weight: 3.9kg
Length: 995mm
Trigger group: Semi - 3 round burst - Full auto
Rate of fire: 800 rounds per min
Magazine: 30-100 round box
Effective range: 450m

XM177E2 (Carbine)

This is the shortened version of the M16, for use in situations where a full length AR is unsuitable. It has the same workings as its big sister, with approximately 80% of the parts being interchangeable. It fires the same high velocity round, but from a much shorter barrel, this causes the weapon to have reduced accuracy and the round to have less velocity causing its effective range to be reduced. It is a less capable weapon than the M16, but its small size has a number of advantages at close quarters. It is notably lighter than its big sister for one and can be easily manoeuvred in confined spaces such as rooms/APC’s.


Cartridge: 5.56x45mm
Weight: 3kg
Length: 700mm
Trigger group: Semi - Full auto
Rate of fire: 800 rounds per min
Magazine: 30 round box
Effective range: 250m

M21 (Sniper rifle)

Just as the Russian Dragunov is a development of the Kalashnikov AR, the M21 is a modified M14 battle rifle for maximised accuracy. It is still semi auto gas operated, which has the disadvantage of flying brass and the advantage of quick follow up shots. The gas system is an improvement over the standard M14's, being very smooth, and the trigger is hand made for crisp motion. The finished rifle is capable, but is less accurate than most bolt action rifles, and has a weak scope. The scope does however, have a system of graticules which aid in judging the distance of and correctly aiming at man sized targets.


Cartridge: 7.62x51
Weight: 7.15kg
Length: 1120mm
Barrel length: 559mm
Rate of fire: Semi only
Magazine: 5-20 round box
Effective range: 700m


This is a highly accurate SMG designed by Heckler & Kock in the 1970's. It being the second most highest Western produced SMG after the Israeli uzi. The arm utilises the roller locking principle, also used in H&K assault rifles such as the G3 first fielded in the 1950's. It fires from the closed bolt, taking from recoil and adding to accuracy. For standard military applications it is less suitable than carbines due to its weak ammo, however it is ideal for SWAT teams etc and special forces on clandestine ops due to its many accessories such as internal silencers, scopes etc etc.


Cartridge: 9x19 PARA, .40 S&W, 10mm auto
Weight: 3kg
Length: 490mm (stock folded)
Trigger group: Semi - 3 round burst - Full auto
Rate of fire: 700 rounds per min
Magazine: 15-30 round box
Effective range: 200m

M60 (GPMG)

This is one of the worst GPMG’s made in history, it is amazing that the US Army fielded such a mediocre weapon for so long. The weapon copies many features from successful MG’s, yet it became known as ‘the pig’ for good reason. Due to its bi-pod design barrel changes are very slow, and the weapon itself is prone to stoppages and even shedding parts. The marine core updated their M60's to A3 standard, improving the bi-pod, strengthening parts and cutting down rate of fire, yet it still remains inferior to Russian and British weapons, leading the American army to adopt the FN MAG.


Cartridge: 7.62x51
Weight: 10.5kg
Length: 1105mm
Rate of fire: 550 rounds per min
Magazine: Belts of 50-250 rounds
Effective range: 800m


This Western HMG has been around for more than 80 years, and is still in use by Britain among many other nations. The first version, the M1921 has been succeeded by many others, such as the M2HB, and a lightened model. The weight of the standard version being twice that of its Russian counterparts. All versions are based on the same mechanism, but have different barrel lengths, mounts etc. The weapon is showing its age, but remains potent against men/choppers and light armour due to its heavy round, and it will be in service for many years to come.


Cartridge: 12.7x99mm
Weight: 39.1kg
Length: 1653mm
Rate of fire: 450-600 rounds per min
Magazine: Belts of 50 rounds
Effective range: 2000m

M72 LAW (One shot disposable rocket launcher)

The American 66mm M72 LAW anti-armour system has a design developed from German weapons of WW2, and is now aging itself first being produced in the 1960's. As with its Russian counterpart, the RPG 18, it is a very simple weapon, a compacted tube containing one 66mm unguided rocket projectile, its warhead a shaped charge capable of destroying APC’s out-right and knocking the tracks off of MBT’s. To fire, a catch is released and the tube expands in length, iron sites pop up for aiming. Cartoon type instructions are painted on the side, but a 5 year old could operate the weapon, no child safety cap :).


Launcher weight: 2.5kg
Missile weight: 2kg
Warhead: 0.65kg hollow shaped charge
Range: 20-200m
Armour penetration: 350mm

CARL GUSTAV (Anti-tank recoilless rifle)

This Swedish system is one of the most widely encountered anti-armour systems, and until recently was used by the British army. In theory it has a higher rate of fire then the RPG 7, its Russian counterpart and it is capable of knocking out all APC’s and most MBT’s from the side and rear. Something the RPG 7 fails to do. However it is heavier than modern anti-armour rocket launchers and has a relatively short range. A point in its favour, is that its ammunition is light, allowing for many to be carried.


Total weight: 14.2kg
Missile weight: 1.7kg
Warhead: 0.7kg HEAT
Range: 20-450m
Armour penetration:450mm

STINGER (Shoulder launched SAM)

This was one of the first Western infra-red homing shoulder launched SAM’s to enter service, and was widely used by the Afghans against the USSR. More modern and capable Western shoulder launched SAM’s have entered production now, such as the British starstreak and French mistral. But the stinger is cheap and effective, it will remain in use for some time to come, including with American forces who are widely deploying the missile on hummers and Bradleys for point air defence purposes. The missiles use against modern counter measures are questionable at best, but then it wasn’t designed to combat modern super-sonic jets at 40,000 ft. It remains effective against helicopters.


Total weight: 20kg
Launcher weight: 11kg?
Missile weight: 9kg?
Warhead: 2.5kg HE
Range: 4500m

40mm (Grenade Launchers)

At Americas request, NATO forces adopted the 40mm round for their single-shot breach loading and multi-shot revolving grenade launchers. The 40mm round is very low velocity, propelled by only a small smokeless powder charge for low recoil and easy handling. The most common launcher is the American breach loading M203, which can be stand alone or clipped under most AR’s. This entered service during the 70's, and has twice the range of the earlier M79. The MM1 multi-launcher is less common, as it means the soldier has to sacrifice his rifle, and is mainly use by SWAT teams for gas insertion. In essence, the multi-launcher is an enlarged revolver, for REALLY BIG men..hehehe


Cartridge: 40mm low velocity
Weight: 1.63kg loaded
Length: 380mm
Rate of fire: Semi only
Magazine: Single shot
Effective range: 400m


Cartridge: 40mm low velocity
Weight: 4.5kg loaded
Length: 550mm
Rate of fire: Semi only
Magazine: 12 round revolving
Effective range: 450m

Heckler & Koch G3 (AR)

This rifle was designed by Heckler & Koch in Germany in the end of WW2. The G3 was adopted in 1957 as a replacement for FN FALs, served in Bundeswehr under designation G2. Still in service in many armies, including Germany, Turkey and others.

Cartridge: 7.62x51mm
Weight: 5.1kg
Length: 1025mm
Trigger group: semi - full auto
Rate of fire: 600 rpm
Magazine: 5 or 20 round magazine
Effective range: 300m w/o scope


The Fabrique National Fusil Automatique Leger (Light Automatic Rifle) is the classic post-war battle rifle. Tough, reliable, and accurate, the design promptly cornered the market, selling to armed forces in more than 90 countries around the world. This number has decreased steadily, but it is still popular and in use in countries such as Belgium.

Cartridge: 7.62x51mm
Weight: 5.1kg
Length: 1100mm
Trigger group: semi - full auto
Rate of fire: 600 rpm
Magazine: 20 round magazine
Effective range: 300m

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